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Residential Shade Sails Adelaide

When considering a shade sail for your house there are many factors to consider including size, colour, fabric choice, and whether it will be free standing or adjoining another structure or building.



Residential Shade Sails Adelaide

Shade Sails have come a long way in the last few years and when considering one for your home it's important to choose the right supplier.


As with all shade structures, sails can be used for a variety of purposes including creating a cool shady environment to a sunny area, to a pool covering to deter the hottest sun.


As there are many different types of home styles, there are many ways to incorporate shade structures to suit any home - we are constantly amazed about how great our sails can look, like they were simply made to be there.




How adding a usable area can add value to your home

We are often asked whether shade sails add value to a property and our answer is simple - if it adds another usable area to the home that can be enjoyed, even under the harsh Australian sun, why wouldn't it!


Being a lightweight alternative to a traditional verandah or patio, Shade Sails are often cheaper and quicker to erect so you can begin using your outdoor area sooner.


Having a great selection of colours, modern day fabrics are highly durable and can screen out harsh UV rays to keep your family safe.


Given the strength of steel, longer spans are now achievable so designs can now be more flexible to fit in with your style of home.


How much maintenance do shade sails require?


Maintaining a shade sail is simple as they are very few components.


Firstly, you have the foundations which are traditionally done in concrete, then you have the steel pylons and framework, then you have the rigging which are generally marine quality steel fixings, then the sail itself.


Sail fabrics are designed to endure the elements as they have been traditionally used in marine environments, and with today's materials they are even longer lasting and hassle free.


We go through all the maintenance requirements with clients prior to installation so you are fully informed along the way - call us today to discuss all your shade requirements.